Easy and safe Boarding on your Boat 

Now you can offer the boat owners in the harbor an extra service. The landing staircase from Pinholt Metal Working has become popular. It is made so that it is easy and safe to get to and from your boat. In addition, they also decorate the harbor, as it is also an attempt to do away with unsafe solutions in the form of milk crates and other patch solutions. "Boat owners often tend to use unsafe attachments and detachments, such as milk crates, homemade steps and other things that can increase the risk of accidents when you go to and from your boat. That is why we manufacture landing stairs, which are stable and make it easy to get on board, "says Poul Pinholt, director of Pinholt Metal Working, based in Skive. A landing stair provides a nice and safe harbor. Here you can read more about the landing stair from Pinholt Metal Working - www.landgangstrapper.dk.

The landing stairs are available in two models:

Type 1:

This type is available in 1-4 steps. It will most often fit floating bridges in concrete. It has a U-shaped fork that makes it easy to mount on the crossbar.

Type 2:

This type is also available with 1-4 steps. It can be put on most bridges where you go up in the boat from the bridge. It has a flat foot so it can stand anywhere on flat surfaces.

At the webshop www.landgangstrapper.dk you can both order one for yourself, or you can go with the rest of your port and order as many as you like. The stair has already been supplied to multiple satisfied customers in different Danish harbors.

The stair is customizable. The possibilities are many and we are open to your suggestions!