Bringing Premium Sea Chest Strainers to the Maritime Industry - Here at Pinholt Metal Working we are thrilled to announce our recent partnership with ShipServ, the global e-procurement platform for the marine industry. As part of this exciting collaboration, Pinholt Metal Working has become a valued addition to ShipServ's esteemed supplier network, offering a convenient and efficient way for the maritime community to access our top-tier Sea Chest Strainers. A New Avenue for Maritime Procurement Our inclusion on ShipServ's platform marks a significant step in our commitment to expanding our presence and accessibility in the maritime industry. With a rich history of over 25 years in providing high-quality maritime solutions, this partnership opens up new opportunities for shipowners, operators, and procurement professionals to streamline their procurement processes. Top-Quality Sea Chest Strainers, Just a Click Away ShipServ's platform serves as a vital link connecting marine buyers and suppliers, creating a seamless marketplace for marine procurement needs. Pinholt Metal Working's premium Sea Chest Strainers, known for their durability and strict adherence to industry standards, are now easily accessible to ShipServ users. Whether it's for vessel retrofits, critical repairs, or new ship construction, these Sea Chest Strainers represent a valuable addition to ShipServ's supplier network. Enhancing Efficiency and Reliability By becoming part of ShipServ, Pinholt Metal Working aims to enhance the efficiency and reliability of marine procurement. This collaboration streamlines the process of sourcing top-notch Sea Chest Strainers, empowering marine professionals to access the products they need promptly, all while enjoying the quality assurance for which Pinholt Metal Working is celebrated. About Pinholt Metal Working Pinholt Metal Working is a Danish-based company with a strong commitment to delivering high-caliber marine solutions. With a specialized range of Sea Chest Strainers and an unwavering dedication to upholding industry-leading standards, Pinholt Metal Working has garnered the trust of a global clientele. Contact Information