Pinholt Metal Working

1996: Poul Pinholt takes over BMJ Maskinfabrik in Stoholm

2000: Acquisition of special production of sea filters

2002: New workshop in Stoholm that provides better space for production 

2015: Acquisition of DMV industry in Dommerby

2016: Merger of the two factories on Hjortevej in Skive

2018: Takeover of the machine factory Dapeca's thin plate production

Pinholt Metal Working A/S

Pinholt Metal Working A/S history extends over more than 35 years. Poul Pinholt took over the company BMJ Maskinfabrik from three previous owners in 1996 and Poul has over time developed the machine factory, which today is housed in brand new buildings on Hjortevej 2A in Skive. Over the years, the employees at Pinholt Metal Working have built up extensive craft experience, handled many diverse development tasks and produced exciting prototypes for a myriad of purposes. The characteristic of all tasks solved by Pinholt Metal Working is that delivery security, quality and flexibility are paramount.

In 2016, Pinholt Metal Working A/S, DMV Industry in Dommerby, took over and gathered the entire newly established machine park in new premises together with 18 experienced employees. We are experts in machining - and have as many as 21 CNC machines in production: 13 lathes and 8 cutters. We produce items in both large and small series, and do both simple and complicated tasks. Especially when Pinholt solves tasks from start to completion, our employees' many years of experience and our large fleet of machines can be utilized optimally. See list of our machinery here.

Pinholt Metal Working also has a special production of marine filters for shipping and fleets all over the world, which is under our sister company BMJ Maskinfabrik.

The philosophy behind Pinholt Metal Working A/S is to perform material and metalworking craftsmanship from idea to finished product as efficiently and safely for our customers as possible.

Orderliness and commitment are the core of Pinholt Metal Working A/S work. Through professionally skilled employees, a comprehensive machine program and strong collaborations, we create value and new opportunities for our customers.

We place great emphasis on strong customer relationships - where quality, delivery security and price are always matched to customer satisfaction. "Quality at the agreed time" is a code word, as is flexibility and conversion when this is required by urgent order.