Fast, accurate and with great Flexibility

Pinholt Metal Working A/S masters machining in steel, metals, soft materials, plastic etc. and we are specialists in machining - CNC-turned and milled machine parts and workpieces. Quickly, accurately and with great flexibility, we solve tasks within prototypes, series production and total solutions, where e.g. welding, rolling, bending, stopping and surface treatment are included. The machine park is fully CNC-controlled and equipped with the latest and most advanced in machining, so we can manufacture complicated items exactly according to the customer's wishes and specifications. 


  • The customer's tasks are solved safely and precisely with professional expertise 
  • Clear agreements protect the customer against fluctuations in the market and prices
  • We have a strong machine park with a large technical range
  • Workpieces are performed on robotic lathes, 3-sided machining, etc.
  • All types of rods and cartridge work, use of multi-machines, etc.
  • Setup and conversion from individual items to series-produced complicated items

Special Areas of Expertise 

Through new technology PINHOLT has acquired some special areas of competence:

  • Hydraulic cylinders - great expertise and industrial experience
  • Multimachines - and the whole palette in turning and milling
  • We have a roughness meter MahrPerthen for measuring roughness
  • Work in manifold plates - laser cut - machined
  • Work in hard-to-reach materials that require new setups with unknown factors
  • Filtration and recovery piping systems - coarse filtering equipment for district heating and recovery technology
  • Machining in technical plastics and soft materials - high material knowledge
  • Experience with processing of brass - laser machined metal etc.

We are constantly exploring new processing areas in order to take on new development tasks.

Marine Competences

We also have expertise in ship filters. The production is available at Pinholt Metal Working A/S sister company BMJ Marine.

Our extensive material and design knowledge within Marine filters ensure the customer an affordable, independent and optimized solution.